In a textbook case of underutilized space, The Roadium on Redondo Beach Boulevard stands as an open-air swap meet 7 days a week. The sprawling lot used to be a drive-in movie theater in the 70’s and 80’s—my mother told me she watched the Jason slasher movies there. There is actually nothing wrong with its daytime usage as a swap meet because it is one of the largest in the area and is always packed when I drive by it—demonstrating its purpose as a discount retail operation. What is wrong with it is that it has such potential to have a night crowd, but no project has touched it in years.  Just bring back the drive-in theater. Or a sit-in, open-air movie showing. El Camino Community College is right across the street and is a built-in audience. Unlike larger endeavors of renovation and facelift, this project can be quite cheap to undertake and the most important piece of equipment—the large screen—is already in place.  I have spent most days in Torrance thinking about how lifeless this town is and while I may not plant another set of roots here, I do appreciate it. I sometimes search “Torrance” or “north Torrance” on tumblr and find posts from residents who share the same sentiments. Boring, boring, boring, trite, boring. I understand this conviction, but as they say, “anything you love is worth saving.” 

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